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Titanfall" Beta Had Two Million Players in One Weekend

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  • Titanfall" Beta Had Two Million Players in One Weekend

    Recently held a beta test of the upcoming Titanfalla came to fruition - the players are largely satisfied with the game, and the turnout was more than satisfactory for the development team Respawn Entertainment.


    Respawn community manager Abbie Heppe confirmed the successful beta saw “around two million unique users playing during the beta.”
    But successful beta or not the team's work is not done as they're “still looking for tweaks to certain weapons or other things,” she says, “"The designers spent a lot of time watching videos and streams of people playing to try and look and see how they were abusing things or not understanding things."

    So can gamers expect a flawless victory – make that launch – of Titanfall on the Xbox One next month? "You never want to say that everything is going to be perfect," Heppe said. "Obviously there are things that can change. But you don't want to say, 'oh, no, there will still be problems,' because you don't want to give people a lack of confidence in what you're doing. I think that this beta was really about giving people confidence that not only will we be communicative with them, but we're actively trying to work out any bugs now."

    If you still don't know Titanfall is coming 13th March for the PC and Xbox One, and 28th March for the X360.

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    Re: Titanfall" Beta Had Two Million Players in One Weekend

    Thanks for the info