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GTA 5 mod:all cars want to kill you

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  • GTA 5 mod:all cars want to kill you

    The only thing better than Grand Theft Auto V is Grand Theft Auto V with cars that go crazy and try to murder everyone on the streets.

    The GTA V Carmageddon mod has been around for a while, and this new video by taltigolt does an awesome job of showing it off. Watch and enjoy.

    -Mode showed above is really impressive and it's a shame as it is a mode which most players would never try. This is so because the production of modes and their application to the consoles very ungrateful. Some states argue that Grand Theft Auto 5 in the PC version getting closer and closer, and when and if this issue appears on the market we can expect a real boom always imaginative modding industry.


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    Re: GTA 5 mod:all cars want to kill you

    funny mod.