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Titanfall beta soon open to all players

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  • Titanfall beta soon open to all players

    Beta testing of an ambitious FPS titles Titanfall will soon be open to all players.
    The first for the users console Xbox One, and then to the PC platform.

    If you have not fallen into beta testing Titanfalla, do not worry - Respawn Entertainment has announced that it will also soon be open to all members on the Xbox One and Origin users. The founder Vince Zampella study tweeted the following: "We have a limited capacity servers for the beta, but it would be good to get to those limits ... The plan is therefore to make a fully open beta and do a stress test."

    At the time of writing this news, the beta should already be available on the Xbox platform under Section One new demo version.
    The open beta for the PC platform will follow later, but you need not worry about that whether you have enough time to download it and start playing.
    Specifically, instead of the scheduled duration to 19 this month, beta testing will take at least a day or two longer.

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    Re: Titanfall beta soon open to all players

    I have origin for my Mass Effect and Crysis Games but Titian Fall has been listed on my client as only Pre-Order for the last 6 months at least and no news about it other than that....I wonder if you have to pre-order it to get into the Beta or any other info...?

    The other thing I'm wondering about is if they are going to do like Defiance and have a Group Service that allows xBox+PS+Computer in the same game world or if they are going to have everyone separated like Sony and Microshaft wants.