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  • Create 3D Gold Text

    Create 3D Gold Text

    Video of tutorial:

    Bebas Neue Font
    Pacifico Font

    Step 1:
    Start by creating a new 1920×1200 px document. Select the Text tool & type in your inspirational text. Adjust the font size & leading to your liking. Use the Free Transform tool to scale your text then position it text in the middle.

    To position your text perfectly in the centre, select your text & background layers, switch to the Move tool, then click the align centre buttons in the options bar.

    Step 2:
    Now to convert the text to 3D. Right-click on the text layer & choose New 3D extrusion from layer.

    Depending on how complicated your text is, Photoshop might give you a message that your text is too complicated for it to process. If this happens, you need to convert it to a path & use Adobe Illustrator to simplify the path. To do this, right-click on the text layer & select Convert to Shape. Copy the shape layer to your clipboard then paste it into a new document in Adobe Illustrator. In Illustrator, go to Object > Path > Simplify. Checkmark the preview option then adjust the settings so that you get the least amount of points without distorting the text much. Copy & paste the text back into Photoshop. When you paste, Photoshop will ask how you want to paste your text as. Click Shape Layer then click OK. Delete the other text layer then right-click on the new shape layer & select New 3D Extrusion from selected layer.

    Step 4:
    Once you convert your text into a 3D extrusion, Photoshop will switch you to the 3D interface. Go back into the Layers panel & select the background layer. Right-click on the background layer & select Postcard. Switch back to the Layers panel & select the two layers. Merge the layers into a single 3D layer.

    Step 5:
    We’re going to start by reducing the thickness of the 3D text. Select the 3D text layer in the 3D panel.

    In the Properties panel, reduce the Extrusion depth setting. You can get a better preview by going to 3D > Render to do a quick render of the scene. Photoshop will start rendering the picture & when it looks good enough, click anywhere to stop the render. Keep adjusting the setting & rendering until you get the results that you like. I used an extrusion depth of 100.

    Step 6:
    Now to make the 3D text look gold. Select text material layers in the 3D panel. You can select multiple layers by clicking on the top material layer then holding the shift key & pressing on the last materials layer.

    Your Properties panel will switch to the Materials settings. Start by setting the Diffuse colour to a yellow-orange colour. I’m using #FFC000.

    Step 7:
    Now, we’re going to align the text layer with the background layer. Change your camera view to Left by right-clicking on the view box on the bottom-right corner & choosing Left.

    Select the text & background layer groups. Select the Move tool then click on the align left edges button in the options bar. Switch your view back to the Default Camera view.

    Step 8:
    Render your scene by pressing Alt+Shift+Ctrl+R (Option+Shift+Cmd+R on Mac) to preview how your text looks.

    To add a light to your scene, click on the New Light button in your 3D panel & choose New Point Light.

    We’re going to position this light on the top-right corner of the text & have it cast a shadow diagonally. Moving a light to the perfect spot takes a bit of experience with 3D but there’s an easier way to do this. Select the Move tool & set the 3D mode to Rotate in the options bar.

    In the view box located on the bottom left of your screen, drag to reposition your view so you're looking at your 3D text from the top-right corner. Once you’re in the right angle, switch your 3D mode to Slide & position yourself so that you’re further away from the 3D text. When you’re in the right position, click the Move to View button in the Properties panel to move your point light to your current view. To make your shadow more noticeable, increase your intensity. We’ll readjust this setting later. Switch back to the Default Camera view then render the scene to preview your lighting.

    Step 9:
    To improve the shadow, we’re going to make the shadow fade by adjusting the light falloff of your point light. Make sure you have your Point Light selected then in the Properties panel, enable the Light Falloff option. Zoom out of your document so that you can see the point light then adjust the outer light falloff setting so that the outline reaches the bottom-right of your document. Next, adjust your inner light falloff setting so that the outline reaches the top-right corner of your document. Render the scene to get a preview.

    Step 10:
    Now to go back to the 3D text, give it a bevel, & adjust the material setting. First, select the 3D text layer. In the Properties panel, click on the Cap settings then set the width to 10%. This will give the text a slight bevel on the edge.

    Step 11:
    Select all of the materials layer for the 3D text then set the shine to 0, reflection to 100%, & roughness to 3%.

    Step 12:
    Select the Front Bevel Material & set the shine to 100% & roughness 0%.

    Step 13:
    To make the gold text shiny, we need to add a reflection to it. We'll need to use Image Based Lighting. Select the Environment 3D layer & enable the IBL setting in the Properties panel. You can use Image Based Lighting to add a photo or texture so that your 3D text has something to reflect. You can load a photo & use that as the reflection, but we want something cleaner. Click on the folder icon & choose New Texture. Photoshop will create a new document for your new texture. Create the new document same width & height as your current document which is 1920 by 1200 px.

    Click the folder icon again & click Edit Texture. A new document opened & this is where you will create the reflection. Select the Rectangle tool, set your fill to black & stroke to none, then draw a box covering the bottom half of your document.

    This black & white reflection will make the reflection strong, to tone it down, add a Brightness/Contrast adjustment layer. Enable the Use Legacy option then reduce the contrast to –50. Save & close the document.

    Step 14:
    We need to reposition the reflection. With the Move tool selected, switch your 3D mode to drag in the options bar then drag in the sphere on the centre of your screen to reposition the reflection so that it is centred with your text.

    Step 15:
    The final part we’re going to work on is the background wall & we’re going to give it a wall texture that’s easy to make. Select the background layer material in your 3D Panel. Set the diffuse colour to white, shine & reflections to 0% & roughness to 100%.

    If you look at the diffuse setting, it has a texture that was automatically created in the beginning. We don’t need this texture. Click on the button & choose Remove Texture.

    In the bump settings, click on the folder button & choose New Texture. Set width to 1920 px & height to 1200 px.

    Click the button again & click Edit Texture. This will open the texture. Go to Filter > Noise > Add Noise. Leave the default settings then click OK. Press Shift+Ctrl+L (Shift+Cmd+L on Macs) to apply auto levels to your noise. Save & close.

    Reduce the bump setting to 5% & render the scene to see how it looks.

    Step 16:
    We’re done. Feel free to go back into any material or light layers to tune the settings.
    I went back into the Point Light layer to set the intensity to 100% then into the Environment layer & set the shadow softness to 100%. The shadow softness setting reduces harsh shadows.

    Step 17:
    One thing about 3D artwork is that the colours can sometimes look too perfect. You can reduce this by adding a film colour effect. I do this with the Curves tool.
    Add a new Curves adjustment layer. Switch the channel to blue & drag the points towards the vertical centre. Switch to the red channel & create a very slight S curve. Switch back to the RGB channel & create an S shape to increase the contrast. You can adjust the opacity of this layer to reduce the effect.

    You can download the PSD. It has been attached. Please reply or comment to unlock hidden content to view the attachment.
    Credits to Denny Tang for creating this tutorial.

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    Re: Create 3D Gold Text

    Now that's a cool tut thanks for the effort CG.


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      Re: Create 3D Gold Text

      Originally posted by Megabink View Post
      Now that's a cool tut thanks for the effort CG.
      Thanks John :)
      Yeah it is a cool tutorial. Pretty handy too.


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        Re: Create 3D Gold Text

        Yes i agree bud.


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          Re: Create 3D Gold Text

          aaawsome tut my friend :) gonna check this one out wen i have some time :) thanks for sharing bro :)

          Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

          If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)


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            Re: Create 3D Gold Text

            Thanks for this tutorial


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              Re: Create 3D Gold Text

              Great Tutorial. This is awesome. Thanks for sharing this with everyone. Much respect.



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                Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                thanks for the tut bro,very handy. rep for you

                "Building Dreams One Pixel At A Time"


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                  Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                  Thanks for the new toot today CG..
                  Very easy to follow, like it.. Now did you make this or someone else?
                  I am dumas kraker


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                    Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                    Originally posted by HammerJack View Post
                    Thanks for the new toot today CG..
                    Very easy to follow, like it.. Now did you make this or someone else?
                    Credits to Denny Tang for creating this tutorial.:mod:


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                      Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                      Designfjotten, cybacreep, @ONE MAN ARMY:

                      Thank you guys

                      Originally posted by deviantdon View Post
                      thanks for the tut bro,very handy. rep for you
                      Thank Donald
                      And thanks for the +rep

                      Originally posted by HammerJack View Post
                      Thanks for the new toot today CG..
                      Very easy to follow, like it.. Now did you make this or someone else?
                      Thanks Jack
                      No Denny Tang made the tutorial. (Bottom right of tutorial)

                      Originally posted by cybacreep View Post
                      Credits to Denny Tang for creating this tutorial.:mod:
                      Thanks John


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                        Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                        Amazing tutorial my friend, thank you for sharing!
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                          Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                          great tut. thank you CG-L


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                            Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                            thats a great and nice tut

                            Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler


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                              Re: Create 3D Gold Text

                              can i save the Picture and text that you upload?
                              sorry if my english bad