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Overclocking my Dell XPS

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  • Overclocking my Dell XPS

    Hi there!
    I was just wondering about overclocking my Dell XPS L521x. A lot of you will think that its crazy to Oc a laptop , both for CPU and GPU but i'dlike to know if it can be done.

    I have an Intel i7 3632QM ,Nvidia Geforce GT640 2GB GDDR5, 12GB DDR3 RAM, OCZ 240GB SSD.

    Thanks for your support !

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    I would have to agree with the above post from Gary. I have pretty good knowledge when it comes to overclocking PC's and the first thing I always do before I overclock Is water cool the entire system from Nth -Sth bridge to the memory, CPU, GPU. The thing is when OC your PC your temps gain a massive amount dependent on the clock. Dell for one is not an overclocking PC especially the notebook! Some dell PC's have a Dummy OC but that's as far as they go. Have you considered unlocking all of your cores? Most notebook's depending on there range of chips installed IE: Quad or dual core. Yours is a Quad core so you will most likely have some of your processor cores parked. please check out this video on on how to un park your parked cores below.

    Also dependent on what your memory is set at. * check this in the bios you should be able to set your mem to 1600 as for desktops you buy memory and it say it can go to 1600 but it is factory set to the basic witch is much lower you need to OC it to gain full advantage of the memory you have in your slots ( I dont know about notebooks but check your bios if it is lower than your specs advise it can go to you should OC it ****DISCLAIMER**** Bare in mind when you start doing things like this you need to also up your voltage in your Bios as well and I would Not recommend this if your new to OC ing even more so with a notebook.

    Most notebooks wont allow for this anyway Dell are dell and I would stay clear of Overclocking your notebook mate, I looked it up and you have a fairly decent gaming machine for it's time.

    I hope this helped in some way.

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      Wouldnt advise oc with a Dell laptop not worth it


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        can this be done with an acer aspire 2472g


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          thx for explaininmg