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I want custom themes

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  • I want custom themes

    I want some custom tehems could anybody give me

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    once you make the required 19 post you will be able to download.
    the post must be in different locations.
    no posting rubbish.
    no posting the same thing over and over again.
    please refer to the forum rules.

    Welcome to MegaThemer. Hope you can stay awhile.
    Forum content is currently locked to all Rookie members.

    - All you need is 10 post's and you will be moved to MT Member status,
    - Or, become a [Premium] member to automatically unlock all forum content instantly!
    - For more information about download restrictions, please read [HERE].
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      Hello kesoroll, I'm new here and from what I've read you have to pay money or post 10 times before you can download...


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        Originally posted by TheTick View Post
        I've read you have to pay money or post 10 times before you can download
        Correction you don't have to pay money...the 10 posts required is only a safety measure to keep the bad guys away.
        If you don't want to post/reply 10 times (which is a small effort to get great stuff for free) then you have the option to pay and download without replying or if you want premium stuff but nobody is forced to pay for being on the forum.


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          I see. thank you so much :)


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            I see thanks so much