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Pretty sure it's Hard Drive Errors

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  • Pretty sure it's Hard Drive Errors

    Okay, so recently, I've started my PC & it says, "Windows failed to start". So I run Disk Check, it finds errors, as far as I know it is repairing them, cause it is saying errors repaired. BUT, everyday since this started (Which was 2 weeks ago), the computer starts, but can't install nothing, always says, error or some other reason. I know there is a corrupted area on the HDD some place because it keeps saying it. The PC starts, some days starts cleanly, other days don't start at all, usually I have to mess around with it to get it to boot. It always ends up booting, but have to fight t o get it to start. Any ideas? Any information needed, just let me know & I'll post what ever ya'll need. Also, when I purchase another membership, I'm just really renewing it right? In other words, I purchase it the same way I did last time yes? Appreciate the help peeps! You guys are awesome!

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    Nice to see you back again Steve.
    It looks like your hard disk is broken/damaged,seems like your pc has difficulties to read from the disk but i can be wrong or you have some corrupted files/programs somewhere .
    Can you please tell us what version of Windows you are using and which programs you installed before your pc began to act so strange!

    Also did you tried the sfc /scannow command which will fix in most cases all corrupted files on your computer here is a google link:

    About the membership just renew it or purchase it again Steve.