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thank you for creating this section,

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  • thank you for creating this section,

    I'm having troubles reading text as it appears to be black, black background with black text

    also the option boxes on some areas are not highlighted

    ive' tried windows color and metrics, but other than that, i don't know what to do,

    thanks ^_^
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    hmm, this was actually a bit hard, what is the theme your using, i know my way around WSB so maybe i can spot the bug for ya, and one more thing, please upload the screenshot here on this site, so it don't get removed in the future, if other members have the same problem they can get it solved you know :)

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    • moaker
      moaker commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks im using Alienware 3000, but it is the same for Razer Green and ,, star tech, not too sure, and also some themes dont work on mine properly , but im not going to reformat windows heh

      thanks alot for trying, cheers

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    I know that some sections you can't change the font color meaning that the black font color will be hard to read on dark backgrounds.
    But there is an app called Mactype which make a shadow around fonts so that the are better readable.


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      Originally posted by moaker View Post
      I'm having troubles reading text as it appears to be black, black background with black text
      This has been common since the day that dark themes were created..
      Like Megabink mentioned there is one designer that has implemented the utility call MacType.. Have a read at the following link where gsw953 discusses this issue..
      Other than that, I would suggest just having a light theme installed for those times when you need to switch over and increase readability..
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