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    Perhaps, some of you have seen me at VC , so ... you already know something about me: I like design (I use to design my own walls) and I love porting your awesome W7 themes to W8.1.1. Now, I'm learning about customizing W10 (while we're waiting for November update).

    That's alll ... sorry for my Englush ... and thanks so much. (I love that "Ardarine" skin)

    Welcome again to AWESOME MegaThemer Erin
    Make some friends, have some fun, and stay awhile.

    Your English Is great by the way and glad to see you here at MT.
    Love to see some of your expertise in porting Windows to other O/S's,
    so feel free to start a topic showing us all how you do it, please..

    Feel free to jump in with any of the topics,
    and if you have questions please do not hesitate to ask.
    This thread [HERE] may answer any questions you may have about our download limits for new members.
    And, Please take some time to read the Forum Rules before posting on the forum!
    Enjoy your stay!

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    I am dumas kraker


    • Erin
      Erin commented
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      Thanks a lot for your kindness!!!

      I've learned from Lamia and his awesome ports and ... I'm still learning ... Thanks so much!

    • HammerJack
      HammerJack commented
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      Well you know more than most of the rest of us about porting over, so if you feel like teaching some of us old dogs some new tricks, I just have one thing to say..

      Go For it!!!

    Hi Erin , and welcome to MegaThemer. Allways glad to see someone find there home over here at, the most awesome place on the net, think i seen you over at VC, thought you were a CTX member also, before it was closed? or am i totally wrong there, hehe. Anyway glad to see you joined this awsome site too :)

    Enjoy the site, Make some new friends, have some fun, and stay awhile, and one more thing remember to stay awesome, most important in my eyes : P hehe

    Here are a few useful threads if you have not seen them already tho :)

    This thread [HERE] may answer any questions you may have about our download limits for new members.

    To run custom themes with Windows 7, you may be interested in our 'Theme Xtreme Starter Kit'[HERE].

    Please take time to read this information. Forum Rules [HERE] Thank you.

    Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

    If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)


    • Erin
      Erin commented
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      Yes: You are right!!! I was a CTX member too (I miss CTX ... snif).

      And ... I don't know if i could be or stay awesome, jajajaaaaa!!! I'm afraid that I don't control that!

      Thanks a lot again for all!


    Yeah i thought that i have seen your nickname before and now that you mentioned CTX everything came back lol.
    Welcome to MT glad to have you with us and enjoy the forum.


      Hi Erin, and welcome, I do not know how to theme and i did see you are looking towards november update for windows 10, this me me very happy as I look forward to themes for windows 10 whoop whoop

      Windows 10 pro 64bit
      AMD FX 8350 4.7gb oc
      ASUS 970 PRO Gaming/AURA
      ASUS Strix GTX 1060 6gb
      ASUS Xonar Sound Card
      ASUS DVD/RW Litescribe Burner
      ASUS ROG Claymore Mechanical Keyboard
      ASUS ROG Spatha Gaming Mouse
      ASUS ROG Wetstone Mat
      ASUS ROG Orion 7.1 Pro
      ASUS PCE-AC56 PCI WiFi
      Samsung M.2 NVME 128gb
      OCZ VERTEX 4 SSD 128gig
      4 X 500gb Sata II HDs
      16gb DDR3 1600mhz Memory
      Acer XB240H Gsync 144hz 24" Monitor
      Technics 7.1 x 100w + 150w Sub


        welcome to MT, enjoy your stay.


          welcome to megathemer enjoy

          Sig by Cybacreep


            welcome to megathemer enjoy ERIN

            Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler


              Welcome to MegaThemer family my friend.


                Greetings Erin.