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    so it seems within the next month or so i will have some funds to rebuild and start being around more.
    here is the challenge:if you had a 1000 dollar budget what would you build? as im unsure at this time on what im gonna do add a parts list of what you would do and i may just build that system. thanks for all your help.

    this will be an AMD build.
    and if you like include a case also as most of you know i had to sell my old machine because of personal reasons. so it will be everything even case thats needed. -keyboard,mouse and monitor as i still have those.
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    Well brother that's awesome news hope to see your work again soon.
    About the custom build i can't guide you in this because i never build a pc before lol but Tiger or CybaCreep and HammerJack also many other experts who read this will for sure help you.


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      Hey Don,
      I bought most my hardware off Newegg. If I had a certain amount I think I would start there with the MB, video, & processor.. Let me know if I can help any more bud..
      I am dumas kraker


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        You up going yet Don deviantdon


        • deviantdon
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          not yet bro,was waiting on the new amd chips to come out,but because they are being released on march 2nd and will as far as i can tell only support win 8-10 im not sure what im building yet. plus waiting on the tax for second half of money :).dont want to have to give up 7 so im stuck as to build and older chip system or bite the bullet and go to 10