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Rank names!

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    Re: Rank names!

    Originally posted by CybaCreep View Post
    samirpa well done i like them
    Thank you so much bro! If the other guys agreed that this should be the new version and when we have the new rank names I'll do all the other badges. ;)

    Originally posted by HammerJack View Post
    Those are pretty killer also samir.
    Thank you so much for your amazing suport my dear friend! And about the links, the button it's ok. I haven't permission to acess the the green word "Link". The second link.
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      Re: Rank names!

      I like the layout of the ranks but they are to heavy for the forum meaning the color is to intense and the frame is to bright.
      I hope you have a psd of the ranks so we can build further on this style.
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