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  • Tutorial Custom Mentions

    What's up guys! I was digging some things about the tag colors, and I figured out something cool.
    Hope I don't make myself a fool being the only one who didn't know that trick.


    What all this mean:

    I couldn't put the original symbols in the marked places or the codes would be a link and would be unreadable.
    This screen below shows the correct spelling on a text document. (Click to enlarge)

    So when you write, replace the X, Y , Z as below.

    X = It's the member number. To discover any member number, just point the mouse over the member avatar or link.
    Before the name you'll see the number this way. 123-ABC
    Y = It's the symbol ]. Replace all the Y's with the symbol ] for the code to work.
    Z = It's the member name. Usually you need to put the right user name or the link doesn't work. Sometimes even if you use an upper
    or lower case different than correct the link doesn't work. But this way you can do the coolest way! You can choose a custom
    user name no matter what you write.

    Click in this sample: Darth Vader

    Well, this is all. Of course I know this isn't something that can be used in our daily routine.
    But to create a nice thread is a great resource. And we never know when Th Big Boss will can make this available at one click to all posts.

    So, I hope you like this as I did! :LOL1:
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    Re: Custom Tags

    Pretty cool bro thanks


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      Re: Custom Tags

      cool thanks man

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        Re: Custom Tags

        Nice tutorial mate, thank you for sharing!
        If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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          Re: Custom Tags

          Great tut and input brother Sam thanks!


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            Re: Custom Tags

            Thanks my friend.: Good2:


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              Re: Custom Tags

              Cool @samirpa:


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                Re: Custom Tags

                Thank you for this useful tutorial Samir,well done.


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                  Re: Custom Tags

                  Great Tut, thanks my Brother


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                    Re: Custom Tags

                    Nope. I did not know this trick but glad to learn about it Sam..

                    Let's see if your example works here... Going by your instructions I only entered your member 529 for the X value, not the link. This part about using only the member number I have never seen before.

                    Darth Vader

                    OK, after posting I see that the mention became active and links to your profile page. But, did you get a mention notice?

                    I added a small screenshot to the Op, and also edited the thread title because this topic is about Mentions, not Tags.
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                    I am dumas kraker