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  • Forum Tips ~ Mention Feature


    When you type the @ symbol in front of a members name while composing a message in MegaThemer's editor,
    Vbulletin creates an active notice for that member and sends a new notification to their User Profile page.
    Or vice Versa, when someone Mentions you, a new notification will appear inside your Activity page.

    ( Click to enlarge)

    Sometimes a members name does not appear as a mention, or become active.
    First double check your spelling.
    It may be because vBulletin does not recognize the characters. For example member ☣696☣.
    You can still manually create a mention notice for these special scenarios by following the instructions below

    1 ) ... Navigate to that members profile page and look at the .url address in the address bar in your browser.
    You will see a member's 'ID Number' right before their name at the end of the address.
    Notice the ID number of 1311 in the following string;☣696☣


    2 ) ... Copy that members 'ID Number' and paste/type it in the following string after the word -> USER=".
    Like so; {USER="1311"}MEMBER NAME HERE{/USER}
    *NOTE* My brackets in the above string are not the correct brackets you will need to use.
    Instead of the curly { } brcakets, you will actaully need to use the square [ ] brackets in your posting.
    I am using these for demonstration because you would not be able to read my example with bbcode, after I posted.

    3 ) ... Now add their name in the same string where the user name is suppose to appear.
    Like so; {USER="1311"}☣696☣{/USER}
    The name you insert in between the brackets [ ] can be their actual name or any name you wish.
    For example; {USER="1311"}Late For Supper{/USER}

    4 ) ... Just paste this string into the editor and save/post.

    Alt Codes can also be used for special characters but don't be surprised if vBulletin does NOT recognize them, and not allow them in your posting.

    Read more about Alt Codes;
    Download written instructions/screen shots below.
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    This is the very 1st of many more Forum tips Topics to follow.
    Please follow the updates and bookmark for future reference.

    And please post any special requests you may have and I will do my best to follow up on them asap.
    At this time I want to focus on the functions of our editor because it affects so many of us.
    Especially with the new vB there are quite a few changes.

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      Wow, thanks for this helpful post brother. From the day we have jumped to vb5 i was not getting tags. Now i think i will get mention notification. Thanks once again.
      Love to all.

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    Great forum tip and well explained this will for sure help our members especially the new members!
    Thanks for your input brother.


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      This is great stuff HammerJack


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        Thanks for this useful information


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          thanks for the great tip, and just a small tip = if you have a coffee in one hand and a cupcake in the other do NOT try and type the with your nose if you are wearing a hat with a peak or scoup - ALLWAYS turn the hat around first

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            Jack. I'm sure this will help out a lot of the members that didn't know about mentions


            • Designfjotten
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              Yeah, it sure will, like me :D hihi

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            Awesome brother, great info my friend :)

            Signature is made by our awesome friend CybaCreep, awesome work brother, i love it :)

            If you like you can add me on PSN, it would be awesome :)


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              thanks jack will be helpful

              Sig by Cybacreep


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                Thanks for this useful information brother Jack. It's so much important and useful for forum browsing i think!

                !!! - May Live Long MegaThemer - !!!


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                  Thanks for the great post, very helpful !


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                    good,very good