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Brothers & Sisters asked me: Why you doing this course in miracles?

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    Brothers & Sisters asked me: Why you doing this course in miracles?

    Hello beloved Brothers and Sisters,

    Brothers & Sisters from around the world asked me more and more often:

    "Why you doing this Course in Miracles?" (You can see on my Signature bottom)

    These Brothers and Sisters are from USA, Spain, China and Germany...
    and some of them realize this Course in Miracles first in their own Countries before they saw on my Signature here in awesome MegaThemer...

    So, I will give a short answer, because it is impossible to tell you, explain you, the whole experience I have from practice the Course...

    I'm doing this course in order to discipline my ego.

    I'm doing this course to my mind, which is dominated by ego - and the ego wants to express his anger, express his pain, his utter despair, expressing his fear, experience death - that's what the, every, also your "ego" wants.

    The ego does not love, because I made it (my ego) without love. The ego can not love, this is completely impossible.

    The more I do the course, near 2 years now, the more I realize that my ego doesn't want it.

    Do you want that also what your ego does, or do you want it not?
    Your ego wants pain that you yourself do not want. And your ego blaring in the I-form, "but I have this pain" (in many forms like anger, hate, jealousy, neediness and so on...), to torment yourself with it. But that you don't realize, because you already say it in the I-form '"I have pain ", but it is the ego that says:" I have, I am in pain" and it wants to inflict this pain to you. Of course, it does not say, "Listen, Holy Son of God, I will inflict you pain" to identify, then yes you would know. It simply says: "I am in pain" and as long as you still identify with the ego (thoughts in mind) and the body, you teach simply: "I am in pain".

    And the Holy Spirit (silence Voice of GOD inside of YOU and everyone) would say: "Then resigns and decide you're - you are the Christ / the one dreamer - against the pain (and thoughts in mind)". And the ego says, "I can not". Of course, the ego can not, because the ego has no power of decision and therefore it is not free, but you can.

    And now you've read in three, four minutes to get quite a lot of information. And either you teach this information yourself, because you want to learn it themselves, because it will help you a lot, or you can say as the ego: "I do not understand and I can not", then it will tell you the Holy Spirit again, in this or a next incarnation. The message does not change. You have to learn them. And many more lessons. Ask yourself: "Have I learned all?"

    Be always blessed and in Peace!
    "Chris" named in this final last visit on earth...


    More Info for who truly wants end the suffer in hell (on earth=in hell) and find the one way HOME...

    YouTube 1

    YouTube 2

    ACIM Homepage 1

    ACIM Homepage 2

    ACIM YouTube
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    Be all blessed, be mindful, be confident and be happy.
    Be peaceful & in love with your next - it is YOU. Teach forgiveness.
    Your will will be done. What you give, you will receive.

    Re: Brothers & Sisters asked me: Why you doing this course in miracles?

    thanks tiger very helpful

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