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The New York Times: The Akerselva River

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  • The New York Times: The Akerselva River

    Oslo has its share of interesting streets, including Karl Johans Gate, which runs past landmarks to the Nordically modest royal palace, and Markveien, which is laden with vintage shops. But what is a street, really? If it’s a thoroughfare that joins parts of a city, preferably infused with urban culture, you could argue that the Akerselva is Oslo’s most vital byway.
    The river that cuts through Oslo once marked the social divide between the waterway’s eastern side (working class, immigrant) and its western (prosperous, natives). But these days, a force more powerful than class unites the banks: the rolling tide of Scandi cool that is turning the chunk of the Grunerlokka neighborhood, which stretches from Sannergata in the north to Nylandsveien in the south, into an art and design destination.

    On the eastern shore, vintage clothing stores and bike shops vie with artisanal coffee roasters like Tim Wendelboe (Gruners Gate 1). It’s all very Brooklyn until you come to the grain silo towering over Marselis Gate at river’s edge. Built in the 1950s, in 2001 it was turned into student housing with rounded rooms and candy-colored balconies.

    Many of the former industrial buildings along this stretch of river have been put to aesthetic uses. The city’s former electric works now houses the Norwegian Center for Design and Architecture (Hausmanns Gate 16), which organizes everything from exhibitions of Charles Eames’s work to debates on urban development. Dansens Hus (Mollerveien 2), in a converted factory, is the country’s premier center for dance (with an excellent cafe and bar that hascactus-adorned lamps and cozy chaises).

    Bla (Brenneriveien 2) is known for jazz, hip-hop and indie bands as well as literary nights and Sunday afternoon concerts. The club, surrounded by street art, is near a handful of galleries. Brenneriet (Brenneriveien 9) exhibits work from students at the Strykejernet art school, while the Office for Contemporary Art Norway (Nedre Gate 7) showcases projects like “Of Love, Departures, and Countering Defeats in Choleric Times,” exhibits, performances and lectures devoted to “the unraveling of modernity.” Around the corner, the gallery ROM(Maridalsveien 3) focuses on the conjunctions between architecture and contemporary art.

    Another former factory, this one devoted to train-track production, is nowMathallen (Maridalsveien 17A), a food hall with Spanish tapas, French pastries and the occasional reindeer-pie vendor among those selling fish or cheese. There’s also a brewery in the basement, but the retro bar Morgenstierne, a short walk away and above a boisterous restaurant, makes for a more louche night out.
    I found this today, this is a river in our capital, and i just had to share this with you guy's, from this artical here:

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