Hey guy's, how are you all doing today ? :)
I myself dont do so good, have some problems with DA atm, and seems like they dont give a **** about it really, so i turn to you here, in hope of that you guy's maybe have an idea of what i can do about it, I just feel that they are steeling from me, and that is not a cool thing,

Well I feel i have to take this a bit farther than i was going to, this is not the way to do business in my eyes, and wen i get a reply back form DA support, you can see it underneath, it just rubs me the wrong way, and gets me pissed off.
Don't even seem like he even bothered to read what i wrote in his reply, its not a big amount of money, they do not matter really, but that they just take it, and later just swipe it under the rug, is just wrong, not even a small apology, anyone of you now what i can do about this?
Mar 19, 6:46 AM
Why are you guys renewing my premium membership wen i have told you not to do it in the settings, i deleted my creditcard, and all but you guys keep taking money from me, that is not the way to do business, i was going to buy one, but i have some hard times atm, and money is tight, and i was just gonna wait a few weeks, as i had 3 weeks left on the one i allreaddy have, but now i really dont want to support your website wen you are just taking it, after i have done all i did, this is the secound time this happens, and now i am starting to get pissed off..
This happend yesterday, And yeah, mony is gone from mybank account, but i just have 3 weeks premium membership still, whats up with that ???
"You are currently enrolled in automatic rebilling for your Premium Membership. Your Premium Membership will be automatically renewed and you will be billed NKr 65.35 (US $7.95) on 20 Mar 2015. "
It says this on my profile, how do get this removed, ffs stop stealing from me..
IT CLEARLY SAY 20'th not 19'th as it is today, I actually have not much left to spare, i was going to the store, to get some bread and stuff for the week, but now i am broke because of you, so thank you for making my life even harder..
how can you guy's do this wen my rebilling looks like this, there is no information there???
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This is the answer i got from DA support:
------------------------------------------------------------------------ cpineda1 (DeviantArt)
Mar 19, 12:43 PM
Hello Designfjotten,
Thank you for contacting DeviantArt Customer Care.
Subscriptions themselves are non-refundable, however you can cancel your billing package at anytime by visiting this link:
Additional information is available at help.deviantart.com/823/
If you need any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Kind Regards,
Customer Care Specialist
DeviantArt, Inc.


In the link he is telling me about it say this:
You are not currently signed up for automatic rebilling on your Premium Membership. If you would like to turn on automatic rebilling, please buy a rebilling Premium Membership. Note that your rebilling Premium Membership will not be activated until after your currently existing pre-paid time has expired.

So i wonder, is this person on crack or something, or dose he not understand me, or maybe English?

I am sorry to bring my sorrows and problems here, but i just feel i need some support, or someone to tell me that i dont understand this the right way, I am just so frustraded, and can not beleve this at all, have i missunderstood this hole thing?

Yours truly