Hey guy's, pretty cool that we can have our own blog here at MT right?
Well i made one, and here is my first entry for it, hope you like it :)

Don't know if any of you knew this, but i started Drifting with cars a few years ago, yeah i am a total sucker for Drifting, I have never felt more real, and alive when i do when i am Drifting with a real car, I used to have a 200SX s14a Drift/Race car with a friend of mine, we had it together, and drove it together, as we were entering competitions and stuff with it, but its not a cheep sport, and wen i hurt myself at work, and had to stop working, i had to sell my part of it, since i diddent have money for it anymore, wurst thing i have ever needed to do, added some images below of it :)

Here are some images of the 200SX in action :)

But i was mission Drifting so freeking much so i just had to do it some how, so i bought a RC drifter a HPI NITRO RS4 3 DRIFT S15 (had to be a Nissan, hehe) It is very fun drifting and i can try to make a short video for ya wen the summer hit over here :) so you can se how awsome it is, in the meantime have a look at some images :)

Here are some of my RC Drifter


Hope you enjoy my first post, more to come :)
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