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Request: Windows 8/8.1 Tutorial

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  • Request: Windows 8/8.1 Tutorial

    I hope I posted this in the right section but here it goes.

    Now that I have 2 systems that came with Windows 8/8.1 with no way to go to Windows 7, Could some one please post up a Tutorial of where and how to start making Themes for Windows 8/8.1...:wacko2: So far, here I only see info on Gadgets and Software to make minor changes(Thank You YN1F and others) but this stuff doesn't give any clue as to how to make themes for 8/8.1 or what System Patches are needed like Universal Resource Changer/Theme Changer, what resources you can change or if Windows Style Builder will work...You all get the point I think.

    I want to be able to change the look and Feel of my system just like in Winblows 7:OMG:

    Thank You for your time.

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    Re: Request: Windows 8/8.1 Tutorial

    I tag some members for you hope someone can help you
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      Re: Request: Windows 8/8.1 Tutorial

      There will be for sure who know your question.

      About patching you need to use UxStyle Patcher.


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        Re: Request: Windows 8/8.1 Tutorial

        Thanks my friend.: Bien:


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          Re: Request: Windows 8/8.1 Tutorial

          Hi guys I'm kinda new so a quick question: I got windows 8 software can you please give me a hint about how to install it? Should i just insert the disk and run the program or does it need some other stuff before installing? Thanks :)


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            Re: Request: Windows 8/8.1 Tutorial

            thanks for the tutorials
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              hey i need a tutorial too!!!...