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video how to setup themes on windows 8-8.1

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  • video how to setup themes on windows 8-8.1

    Hey fried im new member here :)

    Iwant to share with u video how to setup themes on windows 8-8.1

    Thanks only :)
    Last edited by HammerJack; 17-01-2015, 21:51.

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    Nice production Mohamad. Very helpful, thanks..

    PS, I added the player to your post so it can viewed in forum..

    Join us at - -Click on logo..

    Upload and share at our new YouTube channel - - Click on logo..


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      hey guys today i well share for u my computer theme :3

      im got themes from here :D

      #Syrian Hacker :)
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      • HammerJack
        HammerJack commented
        Editing a comment
        Like to ask how you got the theme from here?
        New members need 10 posts before they can download and your at post #8 at the moment?

        Originally posted by Megabink
        Originally posted by CybaCreep

      • CybaCreep
        CybaCreep commented
        Editing a comment
        Jack some of his threads where removed due links to cracked software P.M was sent

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      Thanks for sharing will come in handy


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        my brother would like this video so thx mate :)


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          wellcome friend <3


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            Thanks for the tutorial brother. That should come in handy.


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              Nice production Mohamad. Very helpful, thanks..


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                Where does one get the programs that were used for using Themes for Windows 8.1 in this video? Wife just got windows 8.1 & wants themes. Any links would be appreciated. I searched forums, only found one. :) Thanks for posting the video.