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Black-White Clock for Win8.1 (Timedate.cpl)

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  • Black-White Clock for Win8.1 (Timedate.cpl)

    UPDATED: Removed my earlier post, this is a new design.

    Hey everyone---
    Here is a cool custom system clock (Timedate.cpl replacement) for your Windows 8.1 machine. Very crisp, elegant, and stylish.

    Included in the file are instructions, a 'Take Ownership' .reg file, and custom Timedate.cpl file.
    Tested on my own computer, using Windows 8.1 Pro x64 w/Media Center....But I'm fairly certain this will also work on a 32-bit system. Windows 8.1 ONLY, however!

    Even though I've enclosed a .txt-file with instructions on how to apply this, here're more in-depth instructions:

    You have to 1st thing Take Ownership of your original Timedate.cpl. Just double-click the registry file I included (Install Take Ownership), then right-click your Timedate.cpl, the original on your computer, and left-click the "Take Ownership" call that should be in your context menu....
    Once you've clicked it, you'll see a quick command-prompt window open, real fast, running the command. After it closes, you can re-name the ".cpl" part of your Timedate.cpl....Re-name it to "Timedate.old" or something.
    After you've re-named your original, copy the custom one (or move it, whatever) into your System32 folder. Then restart explorer.exe, or reboot your system. Once you've done either, you'll see the new clock when you click on the time in the taskbar....

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    Re: Black-White Clocks for Win8.1

    sweet the win8.1 users will like them alot nice.

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      Re: Black-White Clocks for Win8.1

      Very nice! Windows 8.1 users will find these very useful! Thank you for these!


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        Re: Black-White Clocks for Win8.1

        These are so cool,great work man :good2:


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          Re: Black-White Clocks for Win8.1

          Great job on the clocks my friend thanks a lot.


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            Re: Black-White Clocks for Win8.1

            Thanks again for this great work Jimmy! You are doing a amazing job with this clocks.
            And please, let me know if there any way to change the clock skin on systray without change all Windows theme. Thanks in advance brotha! ;)


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              Re: Black-White Clocks for Win8.1

              Just outstanding work there Jimmy thanks


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                Re: Black-White Clocks for Win8.1

                Nice work Jimmy, looks like your moving along with 8 just fine these days..

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                  sry im new to here , may i know whr to download it ?..