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MultiColors Orbs

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  • MultiColors Orbs

    So i have created these Start Orbs based of a premade template. I do not take credit for the work. i have gave you multi options to download them though

    If someone can tell me how to use the spoiler tags correctly please let me know. Also do we still have the like and thank this post to view the item?

    Welcome again to MegaThemer. Hope you enjoy our forums.
    The designer is offering this work for free and would appreciate a comment.
    The attachment/download below is hidden until you post a reply.

    For more information, please read more [HERE].

    Teal Orbs.rar
    Blue Orbs.rar
    Yellow Orbs.rar
    Purple Orbs.rar
    Red Orbs.rar

    Forum content is currently locked to all Rookie members.

    All you need is 10 post's and you may download all you like!
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    Re: MultiColors Orbs

    Thanks for sharing very nice

    The download files can you upload local cause if mediafire has problems then no one can download


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      Re: MultiColors Orbs

      thanks for sharing these with us they looks great.

      Sig by Cybacreep


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        Re: MultiColors Orbs

        @CybaCreep i will upload them within 12 hours cause of internet issues


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          Re: MultiColors Orbs

          :good2: very nice my friend ty for the share

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          .....HAPPY DAYS.....


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            Re: MultiColors Orbs

            Excellent ! Thank you! :good2:
            Sig разработан cybacreep.

            Спасибо Джон ...


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              Re: MultiColors Orbs

              Nice orbs we can find here, thank you for sharing bud!
              If you like theme's & material's from Artist, give them support by reputation!


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                Re: MultiColors Orbs

                WOW,these are just great,thanks for this share.


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                  Re: MultiColors Orbs

                  They look awesome :good2:


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                    Re: MultiColors Orbs

                    Oh Maaaannnn More to add to my collection!.....These are great! Thank You


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                      Re: MultiColors Orbs

                      Good to see you back mab! And thank for this awesome post!


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                        Re: MultiColors Orbs

                        I can always use orbs, thanks :good2:


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                          Re: MultiColors Orbs

                          Man im glad so many people can use these with me. I switch mine daily to keep it new.


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                            Re: MultiColors Orbs

                            Originally posted by MrToxicCodes View Post
                            If someone can tell me how to use the spoiler tags correctly please let me know. Also do we still have the like and thank this post to view the item?
                            1st you have to go into the advanced editor. (Button is on the right bottom)
                              Spoiler: My First Spoiler 
                            Type what ever text you desire to into the spoiler, then highlight that text with your cursor, then click the spoiler button in the toolbar, then give the spoiler a name.
                            4 steps is all it takes.


                            Nice thread for your first here at MT.
                            Thanks for stocking our forum with these new orbs today bud..
                            I took care of the local upload for ya,
                            and [HERE] is a link for another thread that might interest you.

                            Join us at - -Click on logo..

                            Upload and share at our new YouTube channel - - Click on logo..


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                              Re: MultiColors Orbs


                              Nice first upload buddy hope to see more work from you here on MT thanks for sharing!