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My last build.

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  • My last build.

    Well folks I've finally done it and started my last build. I would have done an Over The Top Build but HammerJack beat me to it!

    So with out much fanfare here we go....

    New Motherboard:
    >I chose this board for a couple reasons 1) Asus let me down and I'll never go ROG again! 2) The USB Port for Keyboard and Mouse. 3) It has Style!


    The new CPU I chose:
    >I chose this for price and also it's a Temporary hold over till I can get one the the new ones coming out next year from AMD based off of Excavator.

    The rest of my system is the same except the Case which I used an old HP Pavilion a1000, painted it Black Hammered Paint Job, because I wanted the Card Reader that it

    I'll put up Pic's of the Build later when I feel better.

    Last build you ask? yes it's my last build due to medical reasons.

    Enjoy Life as it's too short for anything else!
    Last edited by HammerJack; 24-12-2014, 16:27. Reason: Added screens

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    Thanks for thread that's a nice board hope you feel better soon look forward to the preview


    • #3
      Sorry to hear about your health today. Hope things improve in that regard, and while waiting it looks like your going to have some fun with the big boy toys...

      That board is sporting some serious numbers bud..

      Thanks for the thread and hope to see more soon..

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        Hope you will be good, thanks for info about build


        • #5
          Ok I got a couple shaky pic's for all of you and mind ya the front Panel Silver is the Original Color for the whole case. Don't yell about Wire Management! There isn't any in this case.....


          • #6
            Hey DaemonCantor definitely prayers your way brother and hope you feel better soon. Yeah that board rocks for sure. Be no doubt of knocking down some serious software with that. Awesome sauce! Thanks for the share.